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İnterokul İş İngilizcesi Konuları
Business English

1. Applying for a Job
2. Careers
3. Management Styles
4. The Company
5. The Market
6. International Trade and the Stock Market
7. Sales and Transport
8. Retailing and Insurance
9. Corporations and Franchising
10.Accounting and Taxation

Business Speaking

Pre-intermediate and Intermediate

1 Business communications
2. Applying for a job – job interviews
3. Student’s jobs, student’s loans, internships
4. Studying in the UK, courses of study – case Studies
5. Industrialization of cities
6. Time and money
7. Dining outside – dealing with customers and waiters
8. Corporate culture and behaviour
9. Celebrities – Review of several success stories
10. Working models in different countries – advantages and disadvantages
11. Working overtime, asking about business hours, going to the post office
12. Lifestyle planing, career centers, psychologists at work
13. Planning a business luncheon, organizing meetings
14. Renting a flat, sharing a room, lease negotiations
15. Time off from work, asking for a raise, worker’s Strike
16. Making reservations for hotels, restaurants, plane tickets
17. Summertime vacations, airport layover, holiday promotions, travelling off-season
18. E-commerce
19. Cosmetics industry
20. Commercialization in music industry
21. Buying household appliances
22. Buying furniture
23. Bargaining with a seller
24. Retail and wholesale
25. Expanding your business – introducing innovations
26. Allowing and asking for discounts
27. Dealing with reclamation
28. Negotiations for products and services
29. Non-profit organizations, foundations, volunteering
30. Travelling abroad
31. Cultural heritage, cultural institutions, attitude towards cultural institutions
32. Traditions, customs, ceremonies
33. Religion
34. Educational systems
35. Sports behaviour, track-and-field events, extreme sports, martial
36. Handling stress, ways to relax


1. Advertising strategies
2. Family business
3. A bully at work, dealing with angry customers, a complaint letter to a tour company
4. Types of companies
5. Consumer-buyer behaviour
6. Going bankrupt
7. Supply and demand
8. Pricing strategies
9. Business investment, business angels, business plans
10. E-tailing, business websites
11. Legal institutions
12. Legal problems – case studies
13. The benefits of globalization
14. Tourist industry - travelling
15. Forgery of documents and products
16. Unemployment
17. Recruitment agencies – comparison and contrast of such agencies in different countries
18. Social security system
19. Insurance industry
20. International marketing
21. Call centers and technical support
22. Currency exchange, banking operations
23. Opening bank accounts, cashing a cheque, saving and spending money
24. Automatic teller machines – drawing credits
25. Going to the doctor’s , going to the Pharmacy
26. Property markets, real estate agents
27. Leadership and management
28. Political system, elections, voting