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Dictation 30 - The Sports club


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I`ve been here for two months and I don`t like this place. I haven`t met anybody interesting. Also, it`s very quiet in the evenings. All the shops and restaurants close very early and the streets are empty. There is nowhere to go and there is nothing good on TV.
Then yesterday somebody told me about a sports club near my house. So I decided to try it. I found it easily-it`s only ten minutes from my house and it`s great. There`s weight-lifting, tennis, a swimming pool, and the people there are very friendly. Nobody tells you what to do-you can choose for yourself. In the middle of the evening, somebody said,`Hello, I`m Tony. Are you doing anything later this evening? Would you like to go for something to eat?` I said,`Yes,I`d love to.`
We had delicious pizzas and that night I thought to myself,`This town is getting better! I haven`t been anywhere for two months and now I`ve been to two new places in one evening and made a friend.