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Dictation 29 - From China to London


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Yesterday, Jane flew back to London from China. It was a very long flight-twenty hours-and she feels tired today.
She was on holiday in China. She stayed in an old castle. Three hundred years ago an emperor built it. The only problem was that there was no hot water in the rooms so everybody had cold showers. She visited many famous places, for example, The Great Wall of China. She ate some delicious dishes. Her favourite was egg fried rice. She met a lot of very friendly people. Jane can`t speak Chinese so they spoke to her in English. She tried a few words in Chinese but people said it is a difficult language to learn.
A lot of things in China surprised her. For example,the busy streets. There were hundreds of bicycles on the roads all day and all night. There was never a quiet moment.
Jane wants to go back to China next year. She knows it is an enormous country and she only saw a small part of it.