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Dictation 28 - Happy New Year


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Five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year! It is twelve o`clock midnight. The year ends. A new one begins. Some people are happy. Some people are sad. Everyone thinks about the past year. They hope they are happy in the next year. Happy New Y New Year`s Eve is December 31st. It is the night before New Year`s Day. Some people celebrate the start of the new year by going to parties or restaurants on New Year`s Eve. Others prefer to see the New Year in at home with their family. No one wants to be alone. All people want to be happy. Everybody waits for midnight. They drink, eat and dance. When midnight comes, people ring bells and blow horns. They say `Happy New Year` to each other, kiss and hug. Then they sing songs.
January 1st is New Year`s Day. It is a national holiday. It is the time when people try to change their lives and decide to change their bad habits. Some promise to spend less money and to eat less food. Others promise to stop smoking or to take more exercise. Their promises are called New Year`s resolutions. But most people forget about their promises.