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Dictation 27 - British theaters


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Perhaps because of the influence of television, many cinemas and theatres have closed in British towns recently. However, most British towns have at least one cinema, and big towns and cities have several. You can find theatres only in big towns.
If you want to go to the theatre, it is often necessary to book a seat before you go. If you book seats, you can choose the ones you want on a plan. Seats on the ground level are normally called the stalls; seats on the first floor are called the circle; if there are seats on the second floor, they are called the balcony. In the theatre these are the cheapest seats and if you sit high up in the balcony, we often say that you are sitting `in the gods`.
You can find out what is on at the cinema or the theatre by looking in the paper. The local paper for each town will have details of cinema performances and quality national papers carry details of theatre programs in London.