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Dictation 26 - Florida - the Sunshine State


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Florida, Miami

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Welcome to Florida, the `Sunshine State`. If you like warm weather, Florida is the best place for a vacation. Millions of visitors come to Florida each year. They like its sandy beaches, theme parks, and natural beauty.
Miami is a big tourist city. People love its beautiful beaches. There are many coconut palm trees along the streets and beaches in Miami. They are very pretty. But they are also dangerous! People have jobs such as coconut watchers. They make sure that coconuts do not fall on the tourists` heads!
Florida is famous for its theme parks. The world`s largest theme park is Walt Disney World. A train takes people around Disney World. One part of the park is all about the future. You can see life, food, and transportation in the future.
Millions of tourists come to Florida for a vacation. But many people come to Florida to live. Many older people from cold states come to relax in the Florida sunshine.
Young people come to Florida, too. Florida has many new kinds of jobs. Florida has something for everyone.