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Dictation 25 - Tom's new girlfriend


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Tom, Sarah

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Tom is very happy because he has got a new girlfriend. Tom`s girlfriend`s name is Sarah. Sarah is a very good-looking girl, but she is a little bit taller than Tom is. In fact, Tom is under average height. Sarah is slim and she has got straight shoulder-length blond hair. Tom is thin, too. His hair is short and curly. Sarah has a fair complexion, but she hasn`t got any freckles. Sarah and Tom are open-hearted, clever, and reliable people. They are always ready to help you if you are in trouble or if you have any serious problems at school or at home. They don`t like people who are lazy, careless and mean.
Last night they were at a teenage party where everything was terrific. Sarah was the smartest girl at the party. She had a pretty red skirt and a matching blouse. She was on the dance floor all the time. Tom danced a lot, too. He was dressed in black because this is his favourite colour.
They had a great time at the party!