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Dictation 23 - Jenny


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My name`s Jenny. I`m British and I`m a teenager. My hobbies are collecting paper napkins and swimming. I`m also fond of pop music.
We`re not a big family. I`ve got two brothers.They`re keen on sports. David is good at tennis, basketball and volleyball, and Peter is good at skiing and boxing. I have one cousin, Andy, who is a very quiet boy. He is fond of mystery books and science fiction.
My parents are very nice people. Mother is a teacher and father is a grocer. My mother`s hobby is shopping. She has many things to buy every day-a loaf of bread, a packet of butter, sugar, flour, fruits and vegetables, cheese and yoghurt. My father`s hobby is driving.
My boyfriend`s name is George. He is new in our neighbourhood. We are students at one and the same school. There are students from different countries in it. In our modern classroom there are desks, chairs, computers and printers. The lessons are pleasant and interesting.